Biotin: Head to Toe

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There is no doubt that vitamins play an extremely important role in protecting our health and sustaining our body’s organs, systems and functions. And the B-complex is quite remarkable in this regard. The B vitamins are essential for energy production, they help synthesise and repair the DNA and RNA, play a key role in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and they are essential for the functioning of the…

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Essential Oils for Stronger Nails

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Did you know that the appearance of the nails has been used since ancient times as a diagnostic tool? Ever since we started taking the first steps towards understanding our bodies and what makes us healthy or ill, we had the intuition that nails have functions that are more important than how it may seem at first glance and that they can sometimes be good indicators for certain diseases or…

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The Proper Way to Breathe while Running

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Did you know that regular physical exercise can increase lung capacity by up to 15%? The typical respiratory rate for an adult is of about 12-20 breaths / minute. But during and after exercise you may take between 35-45 breaths per minute or even 60-70 breaths per minute, if you’re an endurance sport athlete. It is no wonder, then, that we do need a well-planned breathing technique when we train….

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Eating Organic Foods for just one week can eliminate up to 90% of the pesticides in your blood

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Exposure to pesticides begins in the womb, when the baby gets in contact with the chemicals that are deposited in his/her mom’s placenta. When the baby is born, part of the chemicals in the mother’s body can pass from the fat tissue into the breast milk. Later on, the child gets exposed to the chemicals in his/her food, in the air, in the water and the cosmetic products he/she gets…

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The VEGAN Challenge – A Lifestyle Shift

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Most major changes we ever make are motivated by the conviction that they significantly contribute to improving our life, whether that means a better health, our personal growth, or some sort of spiritual enhancement. But, despite common belief,  good motivation and a high level of determination do not imply that the implementation of these changes into our lives will be an easy task. Old habits die hard, and so do…

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Aromatherapy For Kids: What’s Safe and What to Use

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The moment we decide to become parents, no decision is just about us anymore and we know that everything that we eat, the products that we use and our lifestyle will have an impact on our children as well. It is the moment when we start looking for alternatives, natural and efficient solutions that can help with each problem and have no side effects. Being a parent means trying constantly…

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Harmful Chemicals in YOUR Home Right Now

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3 Harmful Chemicals that you most likely have in YOUR Home In the past few years the awareness campaigns focusing on harmful chemicals and their effects on the human body have been quite effective and most of us are definitely better informed about the dangers of chemical ingredients, than we were a few of decades ago. Consumers started to take action, they read the labels of the products they intend…

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